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When tablets first came out, there was only about 5 to choose from, now there is over 10 times as many and the question is, whats the best tablet? There are a lot of cheap tablets you can get if you just can't afford a nicer one, but these are the main brands. To see top apps for Android and IOS go to

Amazon Kindle Fire HD - from $199 The Kindle Fire HD is the perfect family tablet, with it's HD screen and High Resolution display, it makes it perfect for entertainment. It has 16 GBs of Storage and is on Android 4.0 operating system. To buy a case, go to Incipio Kaddy Kindle Fire Case (Google Affiliate Ad)

Apple iPad - from $329 The very first tablet, and debatable the best of them all. The iPad has dominated the market since its debut in 2010. Used by business men and loved by teens everywhere. It features IOS 6 and is the lightest of all the tablets. Apples Design principals really come out in the iPad mini and that is the reason, everyone wants one. Even at school, all the teenagers love to use iPads and all want one. To get the brand new iPad, go to Apple 4th Gen iPad With Retina Wi-Fi 32GB For Verizon - MD523LL/A (Google Affiliate Ad)

Google Nexus 7 - from $199 Google is trying to break into the consumer electronics market, it released the Nexus in July and it's been soaring upwards since. It has 8 GBs of memory and is made by the Android founder itself. Loved by college students for its size and great display. To buy this, go to Google Nexus 7 32GB Tablet NEXUS7ASUS- (Google Affiliate Ad)
Microsoft Surface - from $499 This tablet was a very interesting move for Microsoft, The most unique thing about this tablet, is the touch cover that doubles as a keyboard. The kickstand allows the tilt of a laptop but the fun of a tablet. It runs Microsoft's newest mobile software, windowsRT . This is an awesome tablet, and definitely answers the question, whats the best tablet? To get a mouse for your surface, go to Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 - Lochness Gray GMF-00010 (Google Affiliate Ad)

Samsung Galaxy Tab - from $349 The upcoming technology giant samsung took a swing at the tablet market with their galaxy tab. It has a high resolution display and has a 10.1 inch display. Its great for use in business because it can run 2 apps at once, it features android 4.0 software. To buy, go to Samsung 16GB Galaxy Tab 2 Wi-Fi Tablet - GT-P5113TSYXAR (Google Affiliate Ad)

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Laptops vs Tablets

To laptop or to tablet, that is the question. Although some people would like to look at it that way, that is simply not how it is. When Apple came out with the Ipad in 2010, they stated that it was not to shut down the laptop, it was merely to make a new electronic device.
Although this statement seemed straightforward enough, sales of notebooks,net books and laptops have slowly gone down. Now, your question is, should I use a tablet? or a laptop?  The decision lies with your work, what you do.
Tablets will work a lot better for relaxation time such as, playing games, listening to music or watching movies. The battery is also usually last longer then the typical laptop. Tablet prices range from 199(Amazon Kindle Fire) to 500(The Ipad 3).
Now for laptops they are more work related. Helping you type documents and emails, or other work needs. The price on laptops range form about 200-2000 which is a big difference from tablets. So the choice is yours to see what fits you particular needs, the tablet? or the laptop?

Top Tech Now's e-reader

Comparing E-readers and Top Tech Gadgets
Everyone is claiming that they have the best e-reader, so here is the truth. For the top ten e-readers the order is:
1. The Kindle 3

2. Nook simple touch reader
3. Nook Tablet
4. Kindle Fire
5. Kindle DX
6. Nook Color
7. Sony Reader Touch Edition
8. Sony Reader Dailey Edition
9. Be Book
10. NeoNook 1st Edition
My reasons for the top three are as follows: The Kindle 3 may not have a touch screen, it is only 1 of 2 out of the ten that has the text to speech feature and also it has magazines and newspapers. The Nook touch reader speaks for itself with its touch screen and over 2.5 million books, it also only takes 3 hours to charge, a good feature. I was very suprised at the Nook Tablet because most tablets generally would not be as good as a black and white Nook or Kindle, but this one suprised me. It is obviously a touch screen and has Wi-Fi and a 16GB memory! For Apps, go to

TopTechNow's Tablet

With the new year and new years resolutions, it is also time to get that new computer you've been wanting also. No not a laptop to old school you want a new Tablet that all you friends have, but what to get? You browse through the collection of shiny new tablets until you search what is the best one on your phone. To your amazement the Dell Streak 7 that you were going to buy is ranked last on the list and the Sony Tablet S is 3rd when you thought it would take last so you take one more look and decide. You already have and IPhone 4 s and a Ipod Touch so you don't want another Apple. So you Chose,(my personal favorite) The Asus Eee Pad, extremely affordable for only $450.54 and a good android.
for a complete review go to:
or just google best tablet of 2012
A lost Innovation

When Apple came out with the Ipad on January, 27th 2010 people knew, that the technology world would never be the same. Steve Jobs even said it would work better than some pricier laptops. The Ipad allowed you to play games, browse web pages, read books, watch movies and had literally limitless applications.  HP, Toshiba, Dell and other computer companies were sure to shutter when they heard this horrific news for their businesses.

 When the Ipad came out, all other technology companies raced to make their own tablet, Asus Eee Pad, Sony Tablet S, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom and the new Nook Tablet by Barnes and Noble. All these companies may have made their own tablets, but the ipad sales still soar above all the others. When it seemed that Apple was at their highest point, tragedy struck. Steve Jobs died suddenly after a long battle with pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer. Now that the keystone within Apple is gone, only the future will tell if it will survive and yet shock us with its brilliant innovative technology.

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