When GoPro first started, they basically had an hard to breach cheap video camera. From that, it has come a long way. This video of the ghost town Bodie, California was taken from GoPro's newest camera the HD Hero 3. It takes stunning HD and is much better quality then other cameras. Even though it was taken from a drone, the video perfectly shows how far GoPro has come.

GoPro, the ultimately accessible camera
GoPro Video
 A tiny idea turned into a 250 Million Dollar business, also know as, GoPro. Two years ago they had about 14 employees, now they have over 150. They are growing incredibly fast and now own 90% of the wearable camera business. In 2011 alone they grew over 300% as a company. In popular vote, GoPro has over 1.25 million fans on Facebook while Canon and Panasonic have less than half that. obviously the more popular among youth, and they sell some of the best cameras on the market. The most viewed video is the one shown above of a biker getting gored by a gazelle. Among other most populars are a seagull picking up a Go Pro and we actually get a "birds eye" view of the world. These great little cameras and 2 inches wide and under $300. GoPro is one of the leading camera companies in the world and will continue to lead to the top.

Canon, Only the best
         In my opinion, the only camera and camcorder brand you can trust is Canon. They have exceptional warrenties and only the very best quality of anything they make. There new Vixia technology in the camcorder is breath taking and it is in HD. The new Powershot are amazing too. Such as the Canon Elph 510 or the new A3300. Personally my favorite of all of Canons selections are their camcorders. I have bought a Vixia HF M30 and a Vixia HF M40 and have been duely impressed by both, the only differece is that the M30 features and 8 gb memory while the M40 features a 16gb. So if you ever need a new camera or camcorder you know to buy a canon. 

Counting Down The lifespan of Cameras

Now That phones have detailed cameras, it seems the demand for digital Cameras and Camcorders have dropped astonishingly low. Even when great small new Cameras come out who wants to spend money on a camera when there phone can do the exact same thing for no price. There is also a lot of hassle involved like getting and SD card and such. When on your phone you can just send the picture to your online album. The downside of using you phone for video is the quality of the camera in our phones are still not up to date So we will just have to wait until the day when in our phones there’s a regular Canon camera.

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