The Legacy of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs was born on February 24th, 1955. He was born into a family he wasn’t supposed to be. When Steve was born, he was immediately put up for adoption by his biological parents. They wanted him to go to a family that the parents were graduated from college, they got the opposite. Steve Jobs parents were high school graduates that got married 10 days after they met. According to Steve, these were the best parents anyone could ask for, and they were his “Real” parents.

Few People realize the effect that Steve Jobs had on modern society. Without Steve there would be: No iPhone, Tablets, or Macs, No Frozen, Toy Story or Monsters Inc., and modern gaming would be completely different. Why? Steve Jobs started apple and was the innovation behind what is today. Steve Jobs also started NeXT computers, Pixar and worked at Atari Games for a time. He was the source of the ideas and the genius. This is how he changed the world.
Steve Jobs had several characteristics that made him the amazing figure that he was. The first was perseverance. Despite coming from a semi-unstable home, and being adopted. Steve overcame the emotional issue of being adopted fast. He simply accepted that his birth parents couldn’t take care of him. He also had the power everyone in the world needs, the power to fail. Yes, everyone needs to learn to fail. It helps us discover what works, and what doesn’t. Steve just was better at failing faster than everyone else which is what made him so successfully.
One of the most interesting decisions in Steve’s life is his decision to leave apple in the 1980’s. After trying so hard to get the CEO of Pepsi to become the CEO of Apple, Steve and his new found CEO didn’t get along too well. The board of directors decided to remove Steve from the company, and in doing so, he quit. Some people might see this as a negative, leaving the company you built from nothing, but not Steve. In his time away from Apple, Steve started both NeXT Computers and Pixar. These 2 companies are just additives to the amazing work Steve contributed to the world.
If you could learn any principal from Steve, it would be to move on. Despite leaving his company that he made, he moved on to something better. He was always trying to outdo his earlier projects. When Steve was first diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2003, he was staggered, but he moved on. He took this time to become better connected with his family, and help Apple to continue after his death. In the 7 years from when he was diagnosed, he did amazing things in the technology world. These include the iPhone, The iPad, iMac and MacBook.
            “Innovation distinguishes between a leader, and a follower.” This is one of Steve’s amazing quotes. It is the very essence of his life wrapped into 8 words. He displayed this quality his entire life. When he had an idea, he shared it and made sure it was the one they used. By doing this he made a bigger impact and helped more people. 

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