The Galaxy S 5

       The New Galaxy S5 just came out at the beginning of April. New features on
the both the external and internal software have changed very little from the Galaxy
S4. They are increased screen size by 0.1 inch. Samsung took the already stunning
galaxy, samsung, s 5, 13 mp back camera to a 16 mp. Instead of a slick plastic back it is now a soft grip like material a lot like the note 3. The processor has been bumped to a 2.3 ghz. Now competing with the speeds of the Nexus 5 and the LG G . Internally the software has been upgraded to 4.4 kitkat. The same basic
layout, and look has been kept the same throughout the phone. Samsung has also incorporated a finger print password lock into the home button like apples Iphone 5s. I think that Samsung's Galaxy S5 is a big disappointment. Most upgrades to the phone are now only catching up to other phones, instead of competing for the number one spot on the market. I Also find the price tag to be very high for this phone starting around $650-700. Samsung really disappointed me this spring, and I
hope for something awesome this fall.

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