Why everyone wants a GoPro.

What is GoPro and how did it turn into to such a huge company? The answer is this, GoPro new how to market things from the start. Much like high school, getting in with the right crowd is very important, and GoPro did just that. Constantly advertising their products like the HD Hero 3+ in places like: The X games, The Olympics, and numerous independent youtubers that are popular. This is the reason people are putting GoPro's independent intro in front of their own videos everywhere. The reason everyone is in love with this tiny camera? It makes you feel important. It makes you feel like a pro, just like the slogan, "be a hero". If you get to document every athletic thing you do and watch it from your point of view, it will indeed make you, feel like a hero.

The newest camera, the HD HERO 3+ takes absolutely breath talking footage, for the size of it. With the black edition now shooting in 4k, this is one of the most advanced cameras of the times, the video below demonstrates the quality of the GoPro HD HERO 3+!

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