Is Technology Ruining Teenagers Lives?

Today, teenagers are constantly being flooded with the newest technology, and we're taking it all in. The question remains, is all this technology taking a toll on our lives as teenagers. To get a view of how
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it is, I'm going to describe a typical teenagers day, and how it involves technology. We get up, get on Social Media, start getting ready, watch TV before going to school, play games on the bus on the way to school, and are constantly pulling out our phones during class. After that, we go home, hop right on the Xbox or Play Station, and play until dinner. As you can see, we are a generation that is more engulfed in technology than any other. Whats so bad about technology? It is literally ruining teenagers
lives. FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram are the 3 Social Media networks most commonly used by teenagers. When we get on, all we see is our friends and peers accomplishments, making us feel like we're nothing and don't have an exciting life. The thing we don't see is people on post the best thing about their lives on Social Media, not any of the worst. Along with social media, teenagers are losing the entire element of interaction. Why talk to someone in person when you can Direct Message or text them and be a lot braver then you would in person? We are losing everything in social interaction, want to see a person, don't go to their house, just FaceTime them. Want to check on your friends? Don't call them, just check your twitter feed. Regular social skills will be a big problem for teens if we don't step and actually talk to people face to face. Besides social media,  almost all teens spend huge amounts of time on TV and Video games, almost 30 hours a week.
If as soon as we get home from school, We get right on to our "screen time", we'll have no time for homework or doing anything productive. We, as teenagers need to get a grip on our lives and not let technology take it over. We need to think about the big picture and realize we won't be able to pull out our phones every 5 seconds when we are working at a real job. Hopefully we will be able to do this as teenagers, and make ourselves become a better, more dependable generation.

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