Why teens prefer Samsung over Apple

Why teens like Samsung more than Apple
5 years ago, everything was about Apple. The iPhone had come out the year before, and Apple was just getting started with the innovation by releasing the iPad, and MacBook Air. Apple was the company you could buy anything from, and teens everywhere were in love with it. That is just not the case anymore. Months after Apple released the iPhone and IOS, Google came out with their own mobile platform, Android. Although Google phones were far behind iPhones a couple of years ago, the times have changed.
The rival to the iPhone, the Galaxy S series by Samsung, was far inferior to the iPhone when it first
came out; But over the years, it has improved so much that teenagers now prefer Galaxys over iPhones. For example, last year, 10 of my friends had the iPhone 5. This year, 8 of those 10 friends have switched over to the Galaxy S 4. The Galaxy S 4 has some amazing new features, such as the Infrared Sensor that can universally change electronic devices. Also the Air Gesture is very popular among teens, since all you have to do to answer a call is wave your hand over your phone. Samsung phones may have reached the same level as the iPhone, but tablets, that is a whole different story. The iPad is still the tablet to beat by a long shot in that market.

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