How technology is becoming a distraction for teenage students.

Is the technology I am buying for my teenager becoming a distraction from their education? This is the question many parents are contemplating before buying their teenagers a new phone, tablet or laptop. As a teenager, I can answer the question right here, yes. Throughout junior high and high school, I’ve noticed an increase in the amount of technology that has made its way into the classroom, being used right under teachers nose.
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With technology only becoming a bigger, and bigger part of our lives, there is no stopping its way into schools. For years, a lot of teenagers have found ways of listening to music without the teachers knowledge. Some even go to the extent of braiding the ear bud wire through their hair. Teachers usually catch them, but once in a while students can get away with it. However, with new technology, come new distractions.
The latest and greatest technology for us teenagers, is the Galaxy S 4 by Samsung. Something that this phone has, that all other phones before it didn’t, is an InfaRed or IR remote on it. This allows students to wirelessly turn off and change the volume of TV’s…and also projectors. In a lot of my classes lately, the teacher will be in the middle of a lesson, then his projector or TV will just turn off.
The teacher has no idea why, but the class does. This is what happens when you have students who know immensely more about technology than you do. Any teenager with a Galaxy S 4 can do this using the Watch On Stock App from Samsung, so next time your picking a new phone out for your teenager, think again.

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