Top stores teens should go to on Black Friday

With Black Friday coming up, and teens everywhere looking for a deal, you need to know where you need to go and what to buy before everything is gone.

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  • Since every teen loves all the Apple products, a place to start would be On Black Friday, Apple will be giving an extra 10% off anything from their online store. Although this might not seem like a lot off, for Apple products, it is, and it'll be the best deal you will be able to find on new iPhones, iPads and iPods. This is a fantastic deal because you won't have to push through the crowds of people, and you can purchase whatever you like from your own bedroom.

    teens, black friday, technology, teenagers
  • The next place on our list is Best Buy. Best Buy is having some really incredible deals this year, especially for teenagers. Since every teenager needs a new computer, Best Buy is giving you deals on several of the best. First of all is the new Windows 8 Laptops. They feature a touchscreen monitor and the keyboards folds up so you can use it just like a tablet. Along with this, their are many, many more deals on laptops, tablets and more!

    technology, black friday, teen, technology
  • Although you make think of this as more of a place that your mom would go, Target has awesome deals for teens this Black Friday. Target is much more then just a house goods and grocery store. The electronics there are amazing, and the prices are too. I would recommend the headphones at target because there are awesome deals on them Black Friday. If you're looking for very high end, the Dr Dre Beats are exceptional and will be about 20% off. Don't want to drop $200 for the Beats? Then the Skull Candy Hesh 2's are the Headphones for you. They will only be about $35 after discounts which is a spectacular price for the quality of sound in them.

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