Is Apple losing it's innovation?

         As a teenager, every other teen I know loves Apple. The iPods, iPads and of course, iPhones. I can still remember when the first iPhone was unveiled in 2007. Everyone was amazed and had reason to be, it was finally here, a touch screen phone. With each iPhone release, something new and exciting has come out, that is, until now. The heart of the entire iPhone project was engineered by Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs had a part in every iPhone, until now. When he died the day the iPhone 4S came out, he had designed every iPhone so far, and had already made the design for the iPhone 5.
        The anticipation that everyone used to have for the day the iPhone came out, is sadly gone. The iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C have barely one new thing
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on them. All that is new on them is the case, and that takes no innovation at all. The one thing that some people are actually excited about is the fingerprint unlock on the home button. What most people don't know, is this idea was already thought of by Samsung, as early as the Galaxy S II.
        This is the first iPhone that has come out in which I've heard a lot of teenagers saying they don't want it. Now Steve Jobs is gone, it seems that the innovation and the exciting "Think Different" slogan has lost its real meaning to the people at Apple.

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