The truth about 3D printing technology

                A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to a 3D printing store, newly opened. Once inside, I was fascinated by the many printers that were there making all
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different kinds of things from many different materials. I had never really heard of 3D printing before, but when I heard a family friend told me that he was opening this store, I had to go see it. I got a tour and we started off with a very complex printer. as you can see from the picture it looks like something from a sci fi TV show. It was real, sitting right there in front of me, working its magic. I sat there thinking, this is going to change the way we live.
3d printing, technology, teenagers, teen,              These printers can use over one hundred different materials ranging from paper to plastic to wood, and can even use metals such as aluminum or silver. They can print objects so they're already operational, no assembly required. This could drastically change every market with no need to assemble. These printers cannot just print replicas of things, they can also print stuff just from a design. The yellow printer that is on the left is one of 5 in the entire United States and makes objects by pressing paper with over 2,000 pounds of pressure.
           This company, White Clouds was recently commissioned by Disney to make statues of dolls and action figures with a personalized images of the person's face who bought it. Soon, if you buy one of these you will be able to put your face on your favorite Disney character or superhero. this is amazing technology and as more people are wanting more and more about it it'll become higher and higher in demand. The video below is just a 30 second snapshot of the "Maker Bot" of course it takes much longer then 30 seconds to build something, closer to an hour.

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