Technology, Disrupting the classroom for Teenagers

         With millions of teens going back to school this fall, going with them will be their millions of Gadgets. Teenagers are now taking these gadgets everywhere, and school is no exception. In a single school day, an average teen will take their iPod, earbuds, smart phones, and the occasional tablet to school with them.
       Although all of our teachers threaten us that if they see these items they will be taken, we all know this is not the case. It is not uncommon for me to look around the classroom at any given time and see 5 or more people with their smart phones hidden, texting, playing games, or using them for social media.
        A problem that is becoming more and more prevalent throughout schools is teenagers listening to their music during class. Although this may seem easy to spot, teenagers are always finding new ways to hide their devices. Something I've seen lately is wrapping the wire behind your ear so the teacher can't see it. Other examples include hiding iPods behind calculators, behind notebooks, and even putting the ear bud wire through your hair.
        This may seem drastic at first, but I've seen that teens are willing to do whatever it takes to hide their electronics. Another very serious issue with teenagers using electronics in the classroom is cheating, and it is as easy as this. The teacher says to the class, "You have 5 minutes to answer the question on the board" All the students have to do, is google the question, and the have the right answer 30 seconds later.
A lot of people in my class complain about the teachers not teaching very well. This is hardly fair to the teachers if the students are not even willing to pay attention. This is not a trend in schools, it will continue. As a result, this generation will not be as educated as the generation before it. Until teens are ready to stop using their phones in the class room, they will continue to not be as educated as they could be. Yes, teenagers may be able to help you with a few tricks on your tablet, but those tricks will not help them with a career. When teens are finally ready to give up tweeting and texting in the classroom, that will be the time when they will be able to learn to their full capacity.

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