Technology in Sports

          Last year in 2012, over 35 million kids from ages 5-18 played a sport. With that number rising every year, and teens being more interested in technology, manufactures are starting to integrate technology in with some sports equipment.

  The first sport to start these recent innovations is in soccer. Adidas has come out with a new version of
the "Predator" cleat. In this version, their is a specialized chip in the that you put in the bottom of the cleat under the foot pad. This chip records how long you run, how far you go, and even your top running speed. Although this chip may seem like it would have an effect on your ability to play, it is quite the opposite. It is extremely small and fits right in the bottom of your shoe.

This is just one example of how technology is becoming more and more prevalent in sports. As more and more teens join the movement of playing sports, technology will one appear more and more.

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