Teenagers and Social Media

             Over the past few years, Social Media has become a lot for teenagers. It helps us connect to each other, communicate with each other, and most of all, check on each other. Every other teen I talk to today has 3 to 4 social media accounts. These accounts are located in the following companies: Facebook. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google Plus, MySpace or StubleUpon. These sites enable us teenagers to be constantly updated on our friend’s statuses, what they like, and what they are doing.
Social Media going Mobile
          These social media companies have recently developed apps, which make them more accessible then ever. When we turn on our phones, they are just one touch away. According to NBC, as of July 2012, 58 percent of kids from 13 to 17 have a smartphone. With more and more of us getting smartphones, the amount of teens getting more social media accounts increases also. Right now, in the Google Play store, Facebook is the number 1 free app, and has over 100 million downloads. This alone shows the increasing popularity of mobile social media apps.
Today’s typical teenager   
         A lot of people’s opinion of teenagers now days are the following, disrespectful, addicted to technology, and very lazy. This could true for some teenagers, but certainly not all. Most us teenagers try hard our best in school, and try hard to be respectful to adults. We may be somewhat addicted to technology, but this helpful to us and we like it. We know how to work it, and help older people who don’t understand it learn how to work it. So teenagers may be using our phones or listening to music too much, but that’s our way of life.
The real reason for Social Media
           People question what we do on social media sites for so long, the answer might now be what you think it is. Instant messaging? I don’t think so. Catching up with our friends? Not a chance. What we are really doing, is term more commonly known among teenagers as, “Facebook Stalking”. Facebook Stalking is one of the main purposes for teenagers and social media. If you don’t know who somebody is, Facebook Stalk them. Going on a blind date? The answer is Facebook Stalking. This is basically going on someone’s profile without anybody else knowing, and looking at them. You look at their profile, their likes and pictures. You do this to see what kind of person they are. Meet somebody new? This is also the answer.
The future of Social Media
            Even with all Facebook has going for them, its not going to hold up with teens. Facebook is beginning to be a thing of the past. With more and more of us teens going over to different companies
like twitter and Instagram, less and less of us spend time on Facebook. It’s not uncommon for me to get a text saying, “hey guys, I’m deleting my Facebook, it’s a waste of time”. Even though Facebook is starting to decline, by no means are the other social media sites. Social Media is of the future, and not just now. The group of teenagers that now use it, will continue to use it, and encourage future generations to do so also.

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