Why teens love Social Media

         The typical image of a teenager these days is the following, lazy, disrespectful, and addicted to Social Media and Video Games. This assumption may be the exception, but certainly not the rule. Most
Why teens love social media top tech now
teenagers try their best at school and in their social life. There is a reason teens like Social Media so much too. It allows them to keep up with their friends, and talk with them all the time. There are 3 top reasons for teens liking social media so much.

  1. Constantly Updated - Teenagers are always updating there profiles of things they do, people they like and the latest trends. By using social media, you can be connected to all of it and know who is doing what, who is together, and whats cool and whats not.
  2. Not Face to Face - Without actually having to talk to someone, you can still say what you want. Through instant messaging, you can have a conversation with somebody, without hearing their voice or seeing them. This can also be bad, teenagers might say something they wouldn't have said if they had seen the person.
  3. FaceBook Stalking - Teenagers do this all the time, when we don't know someone, we look them up on FaceBook or another Social Media site and see what we think of them. This is very useful for teenagers because the don't even have to know the person, just a name and they can see their profile.

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