Best Laptop for Teens

         in school nowadays, almost all classes have homework involving the Internet or other computers. A kid can hardly go without a computer for school. So the question is, what is the best computer for a teenager?
Best Laptop for teens top tech now       
     Apple MacBook - Although MacBooks are more expensive, if you get an older model, they can be in the right price range. They work very good and retain their value the most of any computers, Runs on OS X software, and has all the features of a iMac. Macs are also great because they sync with your teens iPhone or iPod. They also have all the great apps from the App Store. I'm 15 and this is the computer I have.

Best laptop for teens Top Tech now          Google ChromeBook - A new kind of computer, made by Google,focuses completely on google products and is very helpful when syncing with Google accounts such as Gmail, Google Plus or Blogger. This computer is a very good one and works with the Google Play Store.  This is also a right price computer around 300 to 400 dollars . This computer also works with your Android phones including the Galaxy S series.

Best Laptop for Teens top tech now      Tablet/Computer - The 3rd option is getting a tablet for your teen, then just plugging in a keyboard. While this might not work as well as a computer, they can also use it for tablet. It works very well and has many options. This can be done with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, iPad, Microsoft Surface, and many, many other tablets. This option is a very good one, and should be
considered by all parents when buying a laptop. This will run you anywhere from 100 to 500 dollars depending on the tablet.

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