The Social Media Revolution

        In the beginning, there was myspace, then FaceBook. Today however, their are many social media sites and apps that everyone is using and they all specialize in a different aspect of your social life.

FaceBook - The original social media network, FaceBook covers every aspect of your social life from sharing pictures to messaging, it is also the most popular social media organization in the world with over 500 million users. It is also one of the 2 websites in the world that has a google Page Rank of 10. Checkout

Twitter - The second most popular network, this website allows you to share what you want in 140 characters or less. This is widely used by celebrities and student's to display what they are doing. When people tweet, twitter has also enabled the ability to just have it's servers text you by texting "follow______" to 40404.  It is sometimes over used when people give a new tweet every 5 minutes though. Check out

Pinterest - A new rising social media network that is getting more and more popular, you "pin" stuff up on your wall that you like and so other people can repin it and like it to, this is becoming widely popular for high school girls and 50-60 year old women. Pinterest is getting quite popular in the social media world and is now ranking up with Twitter and FaceBook in the top social media companies in the world. Check out

Instagram - This network allows you to tag pictures and share them to all of your friends and have them reply to it. This App is growing more and more popular and recently got so big that this very large network was acquired by FaceBook for 1 Billion dollars last year. This company is going to be big, and that is the reason FaceBook got them so early. Check out

Snapchat - The only Social media network without an actual website and was born as an app. This app allows you to take a picture and send it for the person to see for 10 seconds or less. You also are able to comment with a 1 line caption in the picture. This social media network is growing rapidly among teens and is gaining more and more users every day. Check out

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