What can I do with old Electronics

      Everyone wants to know what to do with their old electronics. There are several options, you can sell them, get in store credit, or donate them to a charity.
Gazelle.com - This is a great option that is hassle free, you can do it in 3 simple steps. To sell, go to this link and get an extra $10 for your device http://gazelle.extole.com/a/clk/4rspMP
  1. Find your device on the list.
  2. Click what condition your device is in.
  3. Gazelle gives you a quote for your device.
BestBuy.com - You can go into any store, trade your device in for credit.

Cellphones for soldiers - This organization takes your old cellphones, and trades them in for free minutes so that soldiers serving our country will be able to call their families.

Before you sell any of these, Just make sure you wipe your device of all personal data first.

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