Best phones for Teenagers

       With Smartphones becoming more and more popular, you need to know which one is just right for you. The following 5 smartphones were selected by quality , battery life, and overall performance.

1) Samsung Galaxy Note II - With an enormous 5.5 Inch display, you will have no problem seeing your work on this screen. As samsung says, it is the best of both a smartphone and a tablet. You can run two apps at the same time, while also taking notes with the smart stylus. Another perk of having this great phone is the NFC touch that Samsung uses in all their commercials, simply touch it with a Samsung Galaxy S3 or another Note 2 and you can exchange files wirelessly.

2) Apple iPhone 5 - Being the most popular smartphone in the world, and the holy grail of smartphones, the iPhone lives up to it's name. With the iPhone 5, Apple increased the display to 5 rows of apps for the first time. It also now also has super fast LTE speeds, and an amazing retina display. Another excellent reason to buy an iPhone is SIRI. SIRI is a personal assistant that understands what you say, can send texts, and even make a reservation for you.

Nokia Lumia 920 - With another big display, the Nokia Lumia can't be overlooked. It has all new live tiles, that are constantly updating so that as soon as you receive and email or a FaceBook message, you will know. This phone also has super fast LTE speeds that with good connection can be up to 2 times faster then Wi-Fi. It also features a new kind of technology, wireless charging. All you have to do is put you phone on the table next to your charger and it starts, no plugging in required.

Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD - With it's vibrant display and sleek design, this phone lives up to it's big name. It has LTE speeds and was tested for a 8 hours and 13 minutes in use battery. That's almost a full work day with out a single charge. This Phone will keep you being glad that you bought it.                  

Samsung Galaxy S III - Although it has been out for a long time, and the S IV is expected in a month, This phone is nothing to keep quiet about. The sleekness and pure innovation this phone has is enough to make one want it. It has two dual 8 Mega Pixel Cameras, NFC touch and a new vibrancy about it. I has many of the samsung trademarks and will retain it's value for a long time.

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