The iPhone Legacy

       After the first iPhone was released in 2007, we all knew cellphones would never be the same. What we didn't know, is that the iPhone would still be going very strong 6 years later, through 6 more models. The iPhone has come an incredibly long way, and will continue to be the worlds best smart phone in the years to come. Below is a comparison of all the iPhone, and the new features that were added with each new model.
iPhone -  First released by Steve Jobs in 2007, It was ground breaking, the first smart phone ever, 480 X 320 Pixels, and a 2 Mega pixel camera.
iPhone 3G - First iPhone to come in Black and White, and 1 ounce less then previous iPhone, still not much to show.
iPhone 3GS - Now a 3 Mega Pixel Camera and first iPhone starting at $199 with a contract, Still looks like the same old iPhone though.
iPhone 4 - A whole new iPhone with many changes including the body, now more squared off. Also a new 960 X 640 Display, Now Verizon carried it, and a new front and rear facing camera with 5 mega pixels, and Face Time.
iPhone 4S - Sprint now picked up the iPhone as well. Now the cameras are 8 mega pixels, but the biggest thing is SIRI, a new voice activated assistant that you can talk to, and actually understands your questions.
iPhone 5 -  The latest iPhone which came out in September, It has an increased display of 4 square inches, LTE super fast data connection and a new and improved SIRI that can even make reservations for you. The weight is also dropped by almost a full ounce to only 3.9 ounces.

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