Top 3 Tech Cars of 2014

          These are 3 tech cars of 2014. The 3 cars were chosen by fuel efficiency, general features and sleekness. Some of these cars look like they are from the future, but they will all come out in the next 6 months!
       First of the 3 is the recently released 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, is among the favorite of the group and it was shown off at the CES 2013 conference.  This model combines the new innovations of Chevy and the futuristic look of all cars. Chevrolet may not have changed the outside so much, but under the hood, it's a whole new car.

       Next up is the 2nd, it is a brand of super cars released by BMW. The i8 masks it's fuel efficiency with the sleek design and attractive features. Don't let these amazing features fool you, behind them is a surprising 75.1 Miles Per Gallon. This car is the most technology friendly, the entire interior reveals the huge amount of innovations that went into this car.

       The last but definitely not least is the Cadillac ELR. This is a major tech car and combines only the very best to make it a top tech car. Cadillacs gamble at super car is a lot better then expected. It takes the power of the Chevy Volt and combines it with the gas engine to make it a extremely powerful Hybrid. This is a new brand of car for Cadillac, has not yet went into the hybrid luxury cars. Although Gas mileage on the ELR is not as good as the i8, it still is and astounding 54.5 Miles Per Gallon.

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