The future of BlackBerry

       BlackBerry released their much anticipated new smartphones today, it is most likely BlackBerry's last chance to stay afloat in the consumer electronics market. They released the Z10 and the Q10, both sleek looking new BlackBerry's like nobody has seen yet. With only one try at the touch screen smartphone market with the torch, BlackBerry needs a huge boost to stay with the other manufactures.

     The all new Z10 with a sleek new design also comes with the brand new RIM BlackBerry software and some of the features include:

  • 4.2 Inch display (356 pixels per inch)
  • Only $199
  • NFC touch technology(Android Beam)
  • 4.8 Ounces 
It also comes in black and white like the iPhone, only time will tell if the new BlackBerry can compete.

       BlackBerry also released the Q10, a more traditional looking but no less effective BlackBerry. Featuring the traditional and trademark keyboard, it has the classic "BlackBerry" look. Some of the features include: 
  • Full QWERTY keyboard
  • Stock 16 GB Storage
  • 8 Mega Pixel Camera
  • 720 X 720 Resolution Touch Screen
      Although the keyboard may make it seem a little primitive, the look of the Q10 looks more high tech then ever. With the all new 70,000 apps in the BlackBerry Market, iPhone 5 and Galaxy S 3, say hello to your new competitor.

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