FaceBooks Teenage Death

Why FaceBook is dying among teenagers

         FaceBook, the Internet giant except among one age group. That age group is the one you would expect to have the most, teenagers. With over 750,000 new users joining every day and a total of over 500 million users,  FaceBook is the biggest social media website in the world.The stereo-type of teens now days, its to be spending all their hours not at school on FaceBook.
      The truth is, the dominant age group on FaceBook is women over the age of 55. A lot of my friends will just text everyone one day saying, "I'm deleting my FaceBook for good, and I think all you should to, It waists my time" This has been the case for many of my teenager friends. They find It to be not so useful and to take up a lot of their precious time. FaceBook may have been the cool thing 2 years ago, but not now.        

       A lot of Mobile Apps are taking over the social media slot. New Apps like SnapChat, Instagram, Digg and the Stumble Upon app. SnapChat is extremely popular in my school, and almost everyone has one. Basically what it is, is you take a picture and add a caption, then send it to a friend for 10 or less seconds. The new recent update allows you to do the same thing with video.

        While old people are discovering Facebook, the teenagers are saying goodbye to it. FaceBook may still be on the rise among the population, but it is very much on the fall side among teenagers. As the years go by, more and more teens will lose interest in FaceBook, until, there is no teenage age group.

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