Top Tech Gifts

         Everyone always wants to know what to get other people for Christmas, especially teenagers, so here's some hints for whoever you need your top tech gift for, young children to teenagers to the elderly.
Top Tech Gifts for 2012
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  • Ages 2-4 -  Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Apptivity Monkey from $29.99, Although this may seem a little young, through educational apps,  kids love the monkey, and is a great Safeguard for your iPhone or iPod touch.

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  • Ages 9-13 - iPod Touch from $299, Nano from $149 and Shuffle from $49, every teenager wants an iPod for their christmas gift, because "everyone has one", or everyone wishes they did. Last year, I was in this early teenager age category and wanted an iPod touch, I got one and it was the best! With the totally redesigned iPod Touch and Nano, both touch screen and every tween or teens wish for this Christmas, they will all want the iPod touch, but the Nano will be wanted too. To buy this, go to  Apple 32GB Yellow 5th Generation iPod Touch - MD714LL/A (Google Affiliate Ad These are some of the best top tech gifts for kids. For Apps, go

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  • 19-30 - Dr Dre Beats from $199, what better for your college kids and older twenties then a pair of truly perfect sound, although these headphones are expensive, they are well worth the price with the flawless sound of beats. I personally would love these as a teenager, they are the greatest sounding headphones and the hipest brand and aren't a bad gift for teenagers too!                                                                            

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