iPad Mini vs Kindle Fire HD

       The iPad mini came out on Tuesday, dazzling some, disappointing others. People are always hoping for that big leap of innovation that was there when they released the iPad and iPhone. The iPad mini is much smaller, but has all the features of the bigger iPad and some of the features include:
  • 1024 X 768 Resolution retina display(same as iPad 3)
  • 7.9 Inches compared to 9.7 of iPad 3
  • Fits in your hand
  • FaceTime HD
  • 275,000 Apps and over 1.5 Billion books, just for iPad.
Although many of these new features are very tempting, ask yourself, is it really worth me buying a whole new iPad? I am a teenager, and I love the simplicity yet technological standpoint of Apple, so the iPad mini is my favorite of the two. It is a personal decision though, some people may like the larger one, so the question is, will the iPad mini survive in an ever increasing tablet market?
        The new Kindle Fire HD is one of the most innovative tablets ever, with its 7 inch display, it is great for any kind of use. Easily fits in your hand and has most of the same features as the regular Fire. Some of the features include
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  • 1280 X 800 Resolution display
  • Dolby Digital dual-driver stereo speakers
  • Dual Wi-Fi antennas for faster downloads
  • Free Unlimited Storage on Amazon cloud
  • Free Skype Calls with HD camera
With some new features, the Fire HD still has a lot of the same features as the regular Fire. It all depends on your personal interests and what you do, you make like the Fire, or you may like the iPad, its your choice. To buy a screen protector for your iPad mini, go to Duracell iPad Mini Screen Protector, Pink DU2063 (Google Affiliate Ad)
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The chart below will help you decide. 

 Kindle Fire HD
 iPad Mini
16 GB for $199 
8 Gb for $329
Dual Antenna Wi-Fi 40% faster then the iPad 3
Advanced Wi-Fi Speeds 2X faster the previous iPads
1280 X 800 resolution display
1024 X 768 resolution display
Face Time HD
11 Hours Batter Life
10 Hour Battery Life
.68 pounds
.87 pound

picture from technobuffalo.com

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