iPhone 5, the Best of the best

        The iPhone 5 came out on Wednesday, and already has Apple blown away by the number of orders coming in earlier on Friday. The new designed iPhone is still the lightest, fastest iPhone ever, a major feat for Apple, it is actually 112 Grams compared the other iPhones which are around 140 Grams. It is also much thinner, only 7.6 mm, compared to iPhone originally 9.3 mm.. Unlike the iPhone 4S, it has the camera in the middle, above the speaker. 

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          For the first time in history, they also increased the display, for more comfort in typing with one hand and an over all adding easiness to the iPhone. Another feature of the new iPhone is the all new 4G LTE coverage, making the iPhone faster then connecting to even Wi-Fi. The all new A6X chip, designed by Apple will make the processor faster, and the over all speed of the iPhone greater. Without having to use Google Maps anymore, Apples new maps cover every tiny detail of anything. 
With this new iPhone, the charger got entirely redesigned, it being about half of the size of the old charger and with lighting charging speeds.
           Siri learned something new too, she can now tell you sports scores, where to eat and even make a reservation for you. The covering of the iPhone 5 is made with extreme specitivity, starting with the aliminum, they then use crystalline diamonds to cut it with exactness, leaving them with a mirror like piece of metal. The body gets the closest  matched camera out of the 700 available. I am a teenager and pretty soon, this is gonna be the phone everyone is dying to have and everyone wants for christmas, which is Apples power of design. This is the all new iPhone 5, it is the best of the best.

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