Top 5 things employers look for on your FaceBook

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These are the top 5 things employers look for on your FaceBook!

When you apply for a job today, more than a 1/3 of all employers look at your FaceBook page before even giving you an interview.
1. This is the 1st thing employers look for on your FaceBook. All of your likes, your dislikes and stuff you've shared. They look at everything on your FaceBook! This is the employers gold mine for information, they get to see what kind of person you are under that suit. 
2. The number 2 thing employers look for on your FaceBook is, if they see a picture or a vulgar or inappropriate comment from you. That is whats gonna get is there head as the person you are, not the smiling person in a suit that is sitting on the other side of the desk.
This is even more likely to happen if you are applying for a serious job. 
3. The next thing employers look for on FaceBook is, if an employer sees you getting drunk at a party or doing stupid things, they will know you are not the straight person that you said you are in the interview. 
4. This is the 4th thing employers look for on your FaceBook. When updating your FaceBook page, keep personal things personal, don't broadcast them to the whole world. any unprofessional behavior should stay out of your profile, it will put a label on you as the person not to hire. Also, do not use single letters like you are texting someone such as, "r u and ted going 2 the party 2night?" It also deems you and an unprofessional person. The better the punctuation and grammar, the more you have going for you.
5. The last, but not least important thing is very important. This thing will absolutely kill all chances of you getting a job. If you say something in an interview, and then your employer finds out it is not true. Nothing else could be so bad as you lying in your first interview. So if you tell your interviewer that you went to Stanford or Yale, and your profile says you graduated from Kansas City Community College, they know that you are lying and that is a major turn off for your employer.
I am a teenager, and i think these things are extremely important, especially to teens trying to get a job, make sure your FaceBook is clean! 

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