The New Google tablet, iPad enemy? Or killer of Kindles?

Google finally unveiled its first tablet, the Google Nexus 7. This 7-inch Tablet was most likely intended for rivaling the Amazon Kindle Fire, which is the same price and size. The tablet market juggernaut is the iPad, the iPad has dominated in all areas of the market and almost everyone has an iPad. The Nexus 7 will feature Googles newest software, Android 4.1 or “Jellybean” said an I/O developer conference in San Francisco.
 The Nexus 7 has a camera on the back and front, the Kindle Fire only has a back camera. Although the Nexus 7 will be stiff competition for the Kindle Fire, Amazon announced the new Kindle Fire will come out in July, and the 1st generation will have a price of $149. Along with the Nexus 7, Google also unveiled the Nexus Q Hub, Which will connect multiple Mobile devices to Google users’ media stored in cloud.
This is the first product by Google that they are actually clearing the way for. Google is also growing rapidly in size. They reportedly have 1 Million Android devices activated each day, last year,only 400,000. Google’s social network also is growing, Google+. It has over 250 Million users. Google started out as just a search company, but is becoming much, much more. To buy your nexus 7, go to Google Nexus 7 32GB Tablet NEXUS7ASUS- (Google Affiliate Ad) 
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