By: TopTechNow

The 2012 War of Tech Domination

                Amazon, Apple, Googleand Facebook, these are the four super powers of the tech world. These Companiesknow how to monopolize the market they are in and do. First Amazon, the marketing company. It has competition with the others though too. The Kindle Fire, A smaller version of a tablet that rivals the iPad even though sale are nowhere close, the Fire is very good seller. It is commonly found in schools, easy to conceal, and to pretend it is a book even though the kids are really onFacebook and games.
              Next on the list is the most popular and well known company in the world, Apple. It is the biggest threat to all the companies asthey are all combined against it. Raised by the late Steve Jobs through the 20th Century to become a tech giant. Apple owns the Electronic Gadget, Phone and Music players. It practically owns the music selling industry with iTunes. Every time Apple comes out with any device the audience is amazed and breathe taken,they have done it again and again. Following Apple is Google.
                Google is the world’s largest search engine with over 200 million unique searches per day. They challenged the iPhone with their Android OS. They rivaled iTunes with Google Play, the new nexus tablet is against the kindle fire and the iPad and they also rivaled Facebook with Google +. Google is probably the most competitive of them all. Last, and least, is Facebook. It is obviously the smallest of all the companies and make the least amount of profit also. They have announced to go public, but have not yet. Their recent purchase of instagram was surprising for a billion dollars. CEO Mark Zuckerburg said they would not make any more purchases such as this. Below is a chart that shows the monopolization of the Big Four.