Introducing the new iPad 3, or not so new?

Comparing the Ipad 3 or "the new Ipad"

It is here at last, the all new ipad 3, but will it really measure up to the "Steve Jobs" awe effect? Although few of us admit it, we were actually disappointed and bored by the Iphone 4s, will the new Ipad be the same?

            On the new Ipad, Apple figured out how to redesign the mega pixel itself for the Ipad 3 so now it has over 3.1 million pixel on the 9.7 inch screen, the most ever for any mobile device. The next magnificent thing about the new Ipad is the new, dazzling retina display screen. It will make all the text crisper, movies sharper, and all activity on the new Ipad unbelievably clear.

  The new Ipad 3 also features the same camera as the Iphone 4s, shooting 30 frames per second in video, but the best is yet to come. The all new A5X chip is the heart of the whole new Ipad tablet. Making 4G LTE available for faster Internet. With the amazing new Garage Band, Iphoto and Imovie you can handle you personal photos and videos like a professional.

The only problem with the latest Iphone 4s and Ipad 3....they look no different then the latest model, maybe all Apple is doing is just riding off what Steve Jobs did, did the innovation stop after all?

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