The Official Apple iPhone 4S Features

The iPhone 4S is probably the most liked phone in the world with its amazing new features. The iPhone now features a dual core chip which is 2x as fast as the last chip. The best new feature to the iPhone is the new 8 mega Pixel camera. They even added a fifth lens  to the iPhone 4s to make it better and the new video camera does 10/80 HD video with over 30 frames a second. They also added over 200 new features and the best thing, Siri. Siri is a voice recognition that can send texts, read texts, make memos, tell you maps and your location and just about everything. To save you information, you don’t have to waist your gigabytes, use iCloud. The iCloud stores contacts, Apps, Email, Photos, Music and more. So pick up your iPhone 4s today at any apple store or your cellphone provider.

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