Unboxing of GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition

Yesterday, I bought the new GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition, check it out as I do the unboxing.

The Galaxy S 5

       The New Galaxy S5 just came out at the beginning of April. New features on
the both the external and internal software have changed very little from the Galaxy
S4. They are increased screen size by 0.1 inch. Samsung took the already stunning
galaxy, samsung, s 5, 13 mp back camera to a 16 mp. Instead of a slick plastic back it is now a soft grip like material a lot like the note 3. The processor has been bumped to a 2.3 ghz. Now competing with the speeds of the Nexus 5 and the LG G . Internally the software has been upgraded to 4.4 kitkat. The same basic
layout, and look has been kept the same throughout the phone. Samsung has also incorporated a finger print password lock into the home button like apples Iphone 5s. I think that Samsung's Galaxy S5 is a big disappointment. Most upgrades to the phone are now only catching up to other phones, instead of competing for the number one spot on the market. I Also find the price tag to be very high for this phone starting around $650-700. Samsung really disappointed me this spring, and I
hope for something awesome this fall.

Why everyone wants a GoPro.

What is GoPro and how did it turn into to such a huge company? The answer is this, GoPro new how to market things from the start. Much like high school, getting in with the right crowd is very important, and GoPro did just that. Constantly advertising their products like the HD Hero 3+ in places like: The X games, The Olympics, and numerous independent youtubers that are popular. This is the reason people are putting GoPro's independent intro in front of their own videos everywhere. The reason everyone is in love with this tiny camera? It makes you feel important. It makes you feel like a pro, just like the slogan, "be a hero". If you get to document every athletic thing you do and watch it from your point of view, it will indeed make you, feel like a hero.

The newest camera, the HD HERO 3+ takes absolutely breath talking footage, for the size of it. With the black edition now shooting in 4k, this is one of the most advanced cameras of the times, the video below demonstrates the quality of the GoPro HD HERO 3+!

Is Technology Ruining Teenagers Lives?

Today, teenagers are constantly being flooded with the newest technology, and we're taking it all in. The question remains, is all this technology taking a toll on our lives as teenagers. To get a view of how
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it is, I'm going to describe a typical teenagers day, and how it involves technology. We get up, get on Social Media, start getting ready, watch TV before going to school, play games on the bus on the way to school, and are constantly pulling out our phones during class. After that, we go home, hop right on the Xbox or Play Station, and play until dinner. As you can see, we are a generation that is more engulfed in technology than any other. Whats so bad about technology? It is literally ruining teenagers
lives. FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram are the 3 Social Media networks most commonly used by teenagers. When we get on, all we see is our friends and peers accomplishments, making us feel like we're nothing and don't have an exciting life. The thing we don't see is people on post the best thing about their lives on Social Media, not any of the worst. Along with social media, teenagers are losing the entire element of interaction. Why talk to someone in person when you can Direct Message or text them and be a lot braver then you would in person? We are losing everything in social interaction, want to see a person, don't go to their house, just FaceTime them. Want to check on your friends? Don't call them, just check your twitter feed. Regular social skills will be a big problem for teens if we don't step and actually talk to people face to face. Besides social media,  almost all teens spend huge amounts of time on TV and Video games, almost 30 hours a week.
If as soon as we get home from school, We get right on to our "screen time", we'll have no time for homework or doing anything productive. We, as teenagers need to get a grip on our lives and not let technology take it over. We need to think about the big picture and realize we won't be able to pull out our phones every 5 seconds when we are working at a real job. Hopefully we will be able to do this as teenagers, and make ourselves become a better, more dependable generation.

How technology is becoming a distraction for teenage students.

Is the technology I am buying for my teenager becoming a distraction from their education? This is the question many parents are contemplating before buying their teenagers a new phone, tablet or laptop. As a teenager, I can answer the question right here, yes. Throughout junior high and high school, I’ve noticed an increase in the amount of technology that has made its way into the classroom, being used right under teachers nose.
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With technology only becoming a bigger, and bigger part of our lives, there is no stopping its way into schools. For years, a lot of teenagers have found ways of listening to music without the teachers knowledge. Some even go to the extent of braiding the ear bud wire through their hair. Teachers usually catch them, but once in a while students can get away with it. However, with new technology, come new distractions.
The latest and greatest technology for us teenagers, is the Galaxy S 4 by Samsung. Something that this phone has, that all other phones before it didn’t, is an InfaRed or IR remote on it. This allows students to wirelessly turn off and change the volume of TV’s…and also projectors. In a lot of my classes lately, the teacher will be in the middle of a lesson, then his projector or TV will just turn off.
The teacher has no idea why, but the class does. This is what happens when you have students who know immensely more about technology than you do. Any teenager with a Galaxy S 4 can do this using the Watch On Stock App from Samsung, so next time your picking a new phone out for your teenager, think again.

Why teens prefer Samsung over Apple

Why teens like Samsung more than Apple
5 years ago, everything was about Apple. The iPhone had come out the year before, and Apple was just getting started with the innovation by releasing the iPad, and MacBook Air. Apple was the company you could buy anything from, and teens everywhere were in love with it. That is just not the case anymore. Months after Apple released the iPhone and IOS, Google came out with their own mobile platform, Android. Although Google phones were far behind iPhones a couple of years ago, the times have changed.
The rival to the iPhone, the Galaxy S series by Samsung, was far inferior to the iPhone when it first
came out; But over the years, it has improved so much that teenagers now prefer Galaxys over iPhones. For example, last year, 10 of my friends had the iPhone 5. This year, 8 of those 10 friends have switched over to the Galaxy S 4. The Galaxy S 4 has some amazing new features, such as the Infrared Sensor that can universally change electronic devices. Also the Air Gesture is very popular among teens, since all you have to do to answer a call is wave your hand over your phone. Samsung phones may have reached the same level as the iPhone, but tablets, that is a whole different story. The iPad is still the tablet to beat by a long shot in that market.

Top stores teens should go to on Black Friday

With Black Friday coming up, and teens everywhere looking for a deal, you need to know where you need to go and what to buy before everything is gone.

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  • Since every teen loves all the Apple products, a place to start would be Apple.com. On Black Friday, Apple will be giving an extra 10% off anything from their online store. Although this might not seem like a lot off, for Apple products, it is, and it'll be the best deal you will be able to find on new iPhones, iPads and iPods. This is a fantastic deal because you won't have to push through the crowds of people, and you can purchase whatever you like from your own bedroom.

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  • The next place on our list is Best Buy. Best Buy is having some really incredible deals this year, especially for teenagers. Since every teenager needs a new computer, Best Buy is giving you deals on several of the best. First of all is the new Windows 8 Laptops. They feature a touchscreen monitor and the keyboards folds up so you can use it just like a tablet. Along with this, their are many, many more deals on laptops, tablets and more!

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  • Although you make think of this as more of a place that your mom would go, Target has awesome deals for teens this Black Friday. Target is much more then just a house goods and grocery store. The electronics there are amazing, and the prices are too. I would recommend the headphones at target because there are awesome deals on them Black Friday. If you're looking for very high end, the Dr Dre Beats are exceptional and will be about 20% off. Don't want to drop $200 for the Beats? Then the Skull Candy Hesh 2's are the Headphones for you. They will only be about $35 after discounts which is a spectacular price for the quality of sound in them.